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Work Samples: Work

Pro Bono Work


Our client needed a media relations plan for an event highlighting a new mural in downtown Nashville. We worked with the client to garner local coverage while also providing event counsel.


  • I drafted a pitch and advisory for the local and regional media.

  • I coordinated with the media to assist them with any updates or changes to the schedule


John Lewis Mural_Credit Fox17_edited_edited.jpg

Media Relations


A tire manufacturer needed help opening its first plant in North America. We worked closely with the client to ensure that the opening received significant coverage from local, regional and trade media. We also provided counsel on event planning and logistics. 


  • I assisted in securing local, regional and trade media coverage

  • As a team, we provided counsel on event logistics, timeline and overall strategy

  • I assisted in coordinating with media in attendance to the grand opening events 


  • More than 2.5 million impressions from local, national and trade publications including the USA Today Network – Tennessee, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Local TV Media Stations, Tire Business and Tire Review magazines.

  • Helped coordinate a news conference at the grand opening event which was attended by nearly two dozen reporters. 


Desk with Book

Experiential Marketing


Our tech client needed an inventive way to recruit top talent at job fairs and cultural events. Our creative services and data/analytics teams joined forces to build an experiential booth space that would draw a crowd, capture useful information about employment leads and allow recruiters to effectively follow up with qualified candidates.


  • I drafted a personality quiz to determine users’ unique tech talent

  • Assisted in brainstorming an interactive, and visually compelling booth to engage participants and provide a relaxing space

  • Integration with our client’s recruitment database, structured for future lead-nurture campaigns

  • I conducted a market analysis and events performance analysis to help ground teams to determine which events generate the best leads


The first year of the program generated more than 31,000 impressions, 228 hand-raisers (those who signed up to learn more about the company) and 172 qualified job candidates for an average conversion rate of 59%. We were asked to expand the program for a second year, but plans were interrupted by COVID-19.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 6.14.17 PM.png

Pro Bono Work


The Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship (IMF) celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the week of Jan. 18, 2021, with its 32nd annual Labor Luncheon, Youth Day and Convocation. Due to the global pandemic, the celebration pivoted to a virtual format, allowing for the programming to be shared with an audience beyond Middle Tennessee. 


I was tasked with providing communications support for this event through media relations and social media strategies. I drafted, edited and posted nearly three months of content on the clients' social channels, coordinated events on Eventbrite and successfully pitched and secured media placements within:

  • NowPlaying Nashville

  • 92.Q Radio, “Ernie Allen Show”

  • WZTV-TV, Fox 17 (Nashville)

  • Nashville Parent Magazine

  • WVLT-TV, Online (Knoxville)

  • Tennessee Tribune

On the day of Convocation, the Nashville IMF Facebook page secured nearly 8,000 organic views spanning across the Tennessee area. By streaming and uploading all events, visitors watched over 14,500 minutes of IMF content. 

IMF was extremely grateful for the coverage secured and the exceptional customer service – even after the transition to an online environment.


Healthcare Client - Research and Data Analytics


A healthcare client wanted “bigger-picture” research and data project conducted about their audiences. The main goals of the project were: 

  • Develop audience personas: Develop a detailed view of five key audience segments for the hospital, with layered data to show how they interact with the hospital and how they relate to the market as a whole. 

  • Map the consumer journey: Map the consumer journey that each of the five personas tends to take from initial brand awareness to action and engagement with the hospital. 

  • Competitor analysis: Compared the marketing, website and UX of key competitors to understand how others in the area are engaging with consumers. 

Quantitative data: 

Using a combination of tracking and data tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook analytics, Unbounce analytics, Crazy Egg UX analytics software, and open data sources like the U.S. Census Bureau surveys and statistics, our team has developed a detailed analysis of how individuals in surrounding counties are discovering, accessing and engaging with the hospital’s marketing channels. 

Qualitative data: 

In addition to the data audit, I used varying research mechanisms to collect information on competitors and how other local hospitals are using various marketing efforts to reach their target audiences. I secretly shopped select competitors as well as the client itself on the ease and timeliness of the patient experience. And conducted one-on-one interviews with area residents to gauge the hospital’s overall brand awareness and community reputation with members of key persona groups. 


The results and insights we obtained from both the data audit and secondary research helped us develop specific, tangible recommendations for improvement in three key categories – website/UX, advertising, and content marketing, which conclude this report. Based on all the research conducted, we were able to create five personas that assisted in driving brand strategy, awareness, social media targeting and new web and mobile UX. 


Twitter Internship: Periscope Co.


Periscope Co, a subsidiary of Twitter needed to find new and exciting voices to highlight within topic-specific hand-curated channels. Although I also worked closely with the TwitterU team on ad-hoc projects, my main project for Periscope was as followed: 

  • Develop topic-specific channels with 3-4 key voices 

  • Utilize tools such as Global Feeds, Twitter’s “War Room,” Tracker Channels, Editorials calendars


  • Curated 3 channels for public use, “Beauty Banter,” “Stars And Stripes,” “Pop Culture Scoop”

  • Elevated more than 100 voices on Periscope for public viewing

  • Curated, coordinated, and drafted social copy for 12 reels during my 12-week internship.

  • Maintained and monitored a verified account with 1.3 Million followers.

IMG_6593 (1).JPG

Media Relations


Our client needed a media relations plan for an event featuring notable members of the community. We worked with the client to garner local coverage while also providing event counsel.


  • I drafted a pitch and advisory for the local media.

  • I coordinated with media to assist them with any updates or changes to the schedule

  • Helped coordinate the news conference which was attended by nearly all the news outlets in the surrounding area.


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